silhouette instalift

silhouette instalift

What you should know about Silhouette Instalift

Silhouette Instalift or Thread Lift is a minimally invasive technique used to lift sagging facial or neck tissues in patients who are not ready for or are not good candidates for a Facelift or a Necklift. The results typically last up to 24 months but the procedure is minimally invasive and recovery is quick. It is a 30 min office procedure that involves the placement of threads made of Sculptra (a commonly used filler) directly under the skin using a fine needle. Silhouette Instalift has bidirectional cones that, once anchored, prevent the tissues from sliding. Because the thread and the cones are made of Sculptra, as they dissolve they lead to the deposition of new collagen.

Typically, between 6 and 10 threads are used per session, once every 2 years. The procedure is done in the office and it painless. Minimal bruising or skin puckering can sometimes be seen but this goes away in less than a week.

  • Practical information:

    Length of procedure: 20-30 min

    Anesthesia: topical cream (Emla) and local anesthetic

    Setting: office procedure

    Downtime: none