What you should know about Nanofat injection

As opposed to Microfat, Nanofat has minimal to no volume benefits. Nanofat is in fact obtained from Microfat by selecting the fat stem cells for regenerative purposes and discarding the mature fat cells.

Nanofat is an excellent treatment for skin pigmentation, particularly around the eyes where the fat stem cells favorably influence the melanocytes (pigmented cells in the skin) in the tear trough leading to a significant decrease in the dark hollow circles.

The Nanofat is injected with very fine needles inside the pigmented skin resulting in an immediate yellow-orange blister that goes away in less than a day. The stem cells start acting immediately, however it typically takes a couple of months before the effect is seen. Due to the continuous action of Nanofat over time, there is a progressive improvement in skin color and texture over many years. This regenerative treatment basically reverses the effects of aging with a result that is completely natural and persistent in time.

  • Practical information:

    Length of surgery: 30 to 60 min

    Anesthesia: local anesthesia or IV sedation

    Hospitalization: ambulatory (day surgery)

    Downtime: 1-2 weeks

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